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find of the weekend

Looky what I got...

It's a sewing basket. And it was only $6 at a antique shop sale. Woo woo! I'd show you a pic of it in all it's functional glory except that it's currently dysfunctional. The fabric is worn and stained and funky. The strings on the side that hold it open have disintegrated to the sands of time. And there are some mysterious bits of debris floating around the bottom of the basket. But isn't it great?

I got some awesome fabric to make it brand new and beautiful.

So there you have it--that's my next project. Well, in addition to all those other ones I'm currently working on. Damn, I'm a project junky (and I ♥ it).

1 comment:

  1. it's beautiful!!!!! good find. i love it! and i loved your blue sweater!!!!!