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etsy shop (that i heart)--and it hasn't just developed

If you are in the market for some awesome photography, than you are in luck. ChoraScholarette has a most amazing shop on etsy. LOVE it!

Just see for yourself.

Is it weird that I want to smell this? (If I had a nickel for every time I've said that . . .)

Love this perspective . . .

And my personal favorite--a photograph taken outside the Tate in London:

Makes me giggle.


a pack o' alpaca

Does anyone else want to steal them and start an alpaca farm? Or is it just me?

I had the pleasure of going to a local alpaca farm called Abenaki Acres last week, and it was freakin awesome. And educational. And beautiful. And did I mention awesome? I got to see an adorable little cria who was just born a few days before--to an alpaca mama that only has 3 legs. Well, she has 4 legs if you count the prosthetic. Either way, I hope she got something nice for Mother's Day. I mean, something freakin' amazing . . .

Anyway, here's a pic of a few other lovely ladies. Those faces!

If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend taking the farm tour. It's a great way to spend a couple of hours. But be forewarned--the alpacas won't follow you home no matter how hard you try to lure them away.


my morning

It all goes back to 1 am this morning. The hubby and I are woken up by unusual meows coming from the fuzzy kitty beast. Hubby checks on her, but she seems fine, and nothing seems out of the ordinary; so we go back to sleep. Several hours later, we do our morning routine--I feed the animals, hubby gets ready--and it's not until after he leaves for work that I see the cause of the early morning outburst.

Yep, it's a mouse.

And Ethel wants to eat it.

Really bad.

Long story short, after a few failed attempts at trying to catch the mouse in a paper bag (hey, it was closest to me at the time . . . don't judge me), I finally find the humane trap. At this point, Ethel has the poor thing cornered. So I exploit the situation and swoop in with the trap, luring the little guy out with some tasty peanut butter. Now the teeny-weeny beast roams free in the shrubbery behind our apartment.

I love a happy ending.

But I think Ethel disagrees.


may day! it's free pattern day!

Is it May already? May be. Har.

Anyway, the new month means a new pattern. And this time, it's for all you sewers out there. I love you guys sew much.

[clearing throat] Um, I digress.

Stitch yourself the Bring-May-Flowers Pincushion, and you'll have one heck of an organized and cheery sewing space. They're so useful and fun, you'll be making a garden of these little guys in no time.

And I gotta say, this project is bloomin' perfect for a gift.

Seriously, all these puns . . . I'm starting to roll my eyes at myself.