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blobby irony

OK, I'm about to ruin the ending to The Blob. So if you haven't seen it and you want to be surprised (or as surprised as you possibly could be) then you should probably stop reading this post. But if you haven't seen it and you don't mind spoilers then read on, my dear rebel you.

So I just saw the part where Steve McQueen and Co. figure out that the blob can be fended off with cold. Everyone starts using carbon dioxide fire extinguishers as weapons, and eventually someone comes up with the brilliant plan to plop the blob in the arctic so that it will be frozen forever. But as everyone knows, carbon dioxide is a major player in global climate change which means that with each burst of the extinguisher, there's just a little less time for the blob to be frozen. In essence, the whole town is fighting off an alien monster in a way that completely undermines their long term plans of disposal.

Thanks, Steve McQueen.

And happy birthday, too.

p.s. For more Blob fun, look no further.

1 comment:

  1. Pollution
    All around
    Sometimes up
    And sometimes down
    But always around.
    Pollution, are you coming to my town?
    Or am I coming to yours?
    We're on different buses, pollution
    But we're both using petrol

    -the people's poet