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etsy find (that i ♥) - i need wine, stat!

Most people that know me know that I love the Golden Girls. Hmm, "love" might be the wrong word. Perhaps "infatuated," "obsessed," "powerless-against-the-greatness-of-those-sassy-ladies-of-Miami" would be better choices.

But I digress . . .

My friend (hi Noa!) sent me a link to's guide to all things GG, and it got me thinking--why haven't I been searching on etsy for GG paraphernalia? What kind of fan am I? Anyway, I found these wine charms made by Whimsy at Handmade (different than the ones linked in the article), and I just absolutely ♥♥♥ them.

Anyone else thinking of the episode where the ladies vow to Rose that they'll freeze their heads when they die?

You didn't tip the guy?


  1. Oooo....GG heads around my wine glass!! I mean really, what could be better?
    I want Ma!

  2. Way to go Noa! Who knew that the Golden Girls (once their heads were frozen) would turn into wine charms!