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My friends are getting married this weekend (congrats, Vickie and Aidan!), so I thought, hey, wouldn't it be nice to make a sweater to wear to the ceremony. So 2 days ago I decided, yep, that's exactly what I want to do. Planning isn't exactly my strong suit.

After sifting through my stash I found a few balls of Classic Elite Fresco in blue turquoise, which has been waiting for a project such as this. Awesome. So I:

Perused my stitch books--found one for a twisted openwork

Took some quick measurements--what was my gauge again?

Thought about my time frame--figured on a shrug

And bam {insert sound of majestic chorus singing an epiphanic tune of joy and inspiration}! A sweater was born.

Well, it's being born. Still gotta finish a sleeve, sew it up, and knit a collar.

My first lady sweater pattern made under the pressure of a few days. Love it.

p.s. If this thing comes out funky, I'm totally not posting pictures of the finished product.


  1. it looks beautiful!!! so excited to see it!!! and to get married!!!!

  2. yay, you're getting married!!