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vote, vote, vote!

My mom's friend (hi Ms. Diane!) works with the Seminole County Animal Services in Florida. And they are taking part in the Pet Shelter Challenge through The Animal Rescue Site. Currently they are in 8th place, and they need to get to 1st. ASAP. So if you have a moment, please vote for them by following this link, then searching for Seminole County Animal Services in Sanford, FL. The contest goes through December 20th, and you can vote once a day. So please do if you can!

The Animal Rescue Site

possible eye injury or a collapse in the space time continuum

Holy crap, where is time going? Yesterday, I went to sleep--it was January 2009. I wake up today, and it's already mid-December.


Makes me think of Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous (only one of the best tv shows EVER) when she says: Time is like a stretched elastic band. You can't let it go or it'll come back and take your eye out.

Never a truer word.

Well, anyway, if you're looking for some last minute gift ideas, I just added a few new bags to my etsy shop. The cutoff for Christmas shipping is next Monday. Next Monday, can you believe it?!

As for me, I am in a state of disbelief. But that's nothing new...

p.s. If you want to see Patsy's quote in action, your wish is my command.


happy tuesday with my bosom buddies

I'm in the midst of knitting a secret project (aka: a Christmas present); so alas, there won't be any pics of it until after the holiday.


You know who I turn to in these times? My bosom buddies . . .

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ it!!!!


shopping sweetness

The hubby and I went to The Craft Lounge last night for their shopping event, and we had so much fun! It's like we were very large kids in a beautiful, handmade goods candy shop. And not only are there a bizillion gorgeous and unique things to look at and buy, but the owners of the shop (hi ladies!) are freakin awesome. And everybody I talked to was awesome. Can I say awesome one more time?


Anyway, I would love to show you pics of the wonderful things we bought; but alas, they are Christmas gifts. So instead I'll just show you pics of the fuzzbot items that are on display. How exciting is that?!

On a completely unrelated note, I think I fixed the problems with posting. Fingers crossed.