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m.i.a. and t & a

Sorry that I have been MIA for the past week (plus). Much of that time was spent being drowsy on pain medication--damn you, wisdom tooth extraction! When I wasn't in a dazed stupor, the rest of my time was divided amongst knitting baby blankets for a commission, working on new pieces for Mother's Day, and stressing out about purchasing a house. Still working on the last two bits.

Anyway, to cheer me up Mr. fuzzbot (the sweet darling he is) bought us a pair of freakishly awesome vintage highball glasses to add to our collection.

On the outside, you see sassy ladies.

And on the inside, you REALLY see sassy ladies.

The one on the left really cracks me up. You'd think she would have worn undies if her skirt was so breezy.

Oh, rationality . . . you wouldn't make a very interesting highball glass.


all the wisdom has been drained from my body

Actually, the wisdom hasn't been drained. It has been cut, yanked, ripped, and extracted out of my head. Yesterday I had the pleasure of having my wisdom teeth pulled--a pleasure I had been avoiding for over 10 years now. And I just want to point out, my avoidance was totally justified.

The oral surgeon assured me . . .

But in reality he turned me into a demented chipmunk.

Mr. fuzzbot had his taken out just the Thursday before, and his cheeks were practically back to normal the next day. Mine however have been gaining mass by the minute. My theory is my hubby's facial hair absorbed some of the impact and provided a soothing mask to aid the healing process.

I'm totally right--this mustache is really helping.


nanimals let loose in leonia

Nanimals are now available at The Craft Lounge! In case you haven't read earlier posts about The Craft Lounge, let me catch you up. It's a most wondrous and awesome shop in Leonia, NJ; and I wish I could live there. Period. Actually, an exclamation point might be better . . . !

Anyway, I'm very honored to have the Nanimals in such a great shop. Yay!

I received a message from those little fleecy beasts earlier today, and it looks like they're pretty happy about it as well.

Lovable and sweet, plus they can write. Who knew fabric could be so talented?


the latest weekend find

I've been having some damn good weekend finds. It's uncanny. This time a book tops the list.

Found it for a dollar at a used book sale for our public library. What a deal! Why anyone would donate it is beyond me. This book is freaking hilarious. I give you, an excerpt from the publisher's website . . .

HA! I think I just peed a little . . .

The author, Ms. Stitchy McYarnpants, has a blog with even more kitschy, yarny fun; and she has an etsy shop too, which is awesome.

Next time you see me, I'll be wearing one of these:

I wish . . .


(amazing!) find of last weekend

Looky what I picked up at a garage sale last weekend. Isn't it a beaut?

And guess how much it cost. Just guess. $35! Isn't that amazing?! Gotta vacuum out all the dead bugs and dust and whatnot. But still, it's in splendid shape. This steamer has got to be one of my best finds ever. I'm still excited about it!

And thanks, Kyle and G (you dear sweet men, you) for carrying up the stairs! I'm a lucky lady. That thing is freaking heavy . . .


april showers bring cleanliness

April's free Crafting Pattern o' the Month pays homage to the adage that surely you will be hearing over and over again for weeks--April showers bring May flowers. Well, instead of dreading the rain outside enjoy a shower of your own inside with the knitted Spring Showers Washcloth. It's perfect for anyone who gets a kick out of scrubbing their body with a cloud.

Warning: this month's project won't bring any flowers, but it will help you smell as sweet as one.