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april showers bring cleanliness

April's free Crafting Pattern o' the Month pays homage to the adage that surely you will be hearing over and over again for weeks--April showers bring May flowers. Well, instead of dreading the rain outside enjoy a shower of your own inside with the knitted Spring Showers Washcloth. It's perfect for anyone who gets a kick out of scrubbing their body with a cloud.

Warning: this month's project won't bring any flowers, but it will help you smell as sweet as one.


  1. that warning might be premature...i think i've started sprouting flowers

  2. OMG every project is cuter than the last!! And I love your shower curtain!!!

  3. aw shucks, thanks, vickie! and i love our shower curtain, too! ask kyle. he'll tell you how i talked about it incessantly after we got it...