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the craft lounge = heaven

At last weekend's craft fair I met an awesome lady by the name of Linda. She is the owner of Crazy Gracie, which is a company that makes freakishly adorable kids tees and baby quilts and mommy aprons. Seriously, if you are in the market for some unique kids stuff (that is all handmade!), you should check out her website. Anyway, her booth was right next to mine, so we had lots of time to yap and chat. It was fun--she's a great booth mate. Anyway, she recommended that I check out a craft shop in Leonia called The Craft Lounge; she has several items on consignment there, and she thought that the fuzzbot bags would fit in there. Well, turns out that she's right. And I'm so excited!

Yesterday I went to The Craft Lounge (with my hubby and my folks who are visiting from FL--hi folks!) with my wares in tow. And I met with two of the owners, Susie and Kathy, to see if they would be interested in carrying some of my bags. And they were!! And it was AMAZING!!! I'm so flabbergasted that they think the bags fit in at the shop, because it's so very cute and quaint and interesting and terrific in there. So long story short, I'm still coming down from the putting-bags-on-consignment-at-The-Craft-Lounge high. Let's hope it never ends . . .

Umm, and yes my dear, sweet family insisted on taking pictures of this historical moment. I had flashbacks of being fifteen years old at the FL DMV, getting my driver's permit and having my mom ask if I'd take a picture with the guy who gave me my test. Sigh. Anyway, I just want to preface the pic by saying that the wind was blowing around and causing my hair to look like a big ol' mess of insanity. So no, it's not a look I'm going for.

p.s. The Craft Lounge is having an after-hours shopping event on Thursday December 3 from 7-10 pm, so if you are in the area, you should definitely check it out.


gobble gobble

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you had a lovely holiday! Gotta tell you, I'm getting big whiffs of pumpkin pie; and I couldn't be more grateful.

p.s. If you're ever in the market for some vintage postcard art, you have to visit this website . . .


weekend in review

Well, the show over the weekend didn't get a ton of traffic.


But on the positive side, I met other (incredibly awesome) crafters. Everyone was so nice and funny and helpful. And they offered great advice for things to do in the future.

There's a camaraderie that is formed between vendors, which is hard to describe. Despite being perfect strangers, the shared experience is enough to draw everyone together. For a 6 hour retail battle. I love it. Anyway . . . I can't thank everyone enough for all their help. You people are awesome.

Also, I wanted to say thanks to my buddies who dropped by on Saturday. So, ummm, thanks! It was great seeing you . . . Plus, to all the new people I met--thanks for dropping by to chat! And for buying the fruits of my labor! Why am I always so dramatic? Sigh.

For everyone else who wasn't there to make it, here are some pics of the table:

How much for that handsome man?

Who's that suspicious character with the mustache?

If you see that suspicious character with the mustache, let me know. She's a shifty one.

Now, back to the crafting battlefield. Wait, isn't love a battlefield?



Hi all,

Welcome! Wow, there's a lot of pressure to be interesting right now. Eek! I've gotta keep telling myself, just ignore the man behind the curtain... But I digress... For the past several months I've been knitting, crocheting, and sewing my heart out; trying to build up an inventory of items to see if I could start a business for myself. To see if I could be the independent woman I've always wanted to be. And for the past several months I've noticed that often times the only people I talk to throughout the day are:

my husband (hi honey!)

our dog (hi fredder butter-butt!)

and our cat (hi my pretty demon-kitty!)

Hmm, and actually, only one of them is a person... But I digress again, knitting all alone in your house can cause somewhat of a bubble. And bubbles are anti-productive. So enter--the blog. Here I hope to share all sorts of news, new projects, and lots of blabber. With actual people!

[Animals are also welcome]

Englewood! Crafts!

Please join me for my first ever craft fair!
There will be knitted, crocheted, felted and sewn items galore.

The First Presbyterian Church
150 East Palisade Avenue
Englewood, NJ
Saturday, November 21st
10 am to 4 pm

For more information from the promoter's website, click here.

For a map of the area, click here.

And for my NYC friends who might want to venture into the 6th borough, I'm linking the NJ Transit website here. You can search for information about the 166 bus from Port Authority (or just email me, and I can send a pdf of the schedule).

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