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find of the weekend

Looky what I got...

It's a sewing basket. And it was only $6 at a antique shop sale. Woo woo! I'd show you a pic of it in all it's functional glory except that it's currently dysfunctional. The fabric is worn and stained and funky. The strings on the side that hold it open have disintegrated to the sands of time. And there are some mysterious bits of debris floating around the bottom of the basket. But isn't it great?

I got some awesome fabric to make it brand new and beautiful.

So there you have it--that's my next project. Well, in addition to all those other ones I'm currently working on. Damn, I'm a project junky (and I ♥ it).


blobby irony

OK, I'm about to ruin the ending to The Blob. So if you haven't seen it and you want to be surprised (or as surprised as you possibly could be) then you should probably stop reading this post. But if you haven't seen it and you don't mind spoilers then read on, my dear rebel you.

So I just saw the part where Steve McQueen and Co. figure out that the blob can be fended off with cold. Everyone starts using carbon dioxide fire extinguishers as weapons, and eventually someone comes up with the brilliant plan to plop the blob in the arctic so that it will be frozen forever. But as everyone knows, carbon dioxide is a major player in global climate change which means that with each burst of the extinguisher, there's just a little less time for the blob to be frozen. In essence, the whole town is fighting off an alien monster in a way that completely undermines their long term plans of disposal.

Thanks, Steve McQueen.

And happy birthday, too.

p.s. For more Blob fun, look no further.


etsy find (that i ♥) - i need wine, stat!

Most people that know me know that I love the Golden Girls. Hmm, "love" might be the wrong word. Perhaps "infatuated," "obsessed," "powerless-against-the-greatness-of-those-sassy-ladies-of-Miami" would be better choices.

But I digress . . .

My friend (hi Noa!) sent me a link to's guide to all things GG, and it got me thinking--why haven't I been searching on etsy for GG paraphernalia? What kind of fan am I? Anyway, I found these wine charms made by Whimsy at Handmade (different than the ones linked in the article), and I just absolutely ♥♥♥ them.

Anyone else thinking of the episode where the ladies vow to Rose that they'll freeze their heads when they die?

You didn't tip the guy?


spring has sprung

And so have the nanimals! I was commissioned to make these wee little creatures for a couple of cutie kids. Hope that they love them! By which I mean hope that the kids like the nanimals. Fleece can't love, you know . . . sadly.



Judy, I could listen to you all day.

Oh wait, I have been . . .

kiss me, i'm irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Don't forget to make your Two-Sides-of-Drunkenness Eye Mask for tonight and tomorrow. Luckily you could be three sheets to the wind and still get it finished before bedtime . . .

p.s. Don't be a stupid drunkie.

p.p.s. There are more fun vintage St. Patrick's Day cards at Vintage Holiday Crafts.


birthing complete

The sweater was finished just in time to wear to my friends' wedding. Woo hoo! There were some doubts when on Saturday I was finishing up by candlelight. No, not for romantic effect . . . we were without power for the night ("powerless" by the way, is a sadly accurate double entendre). Anyway, we drank beer, I hid tails--it was a good time all around. And the next day, the power was back, so not only was my sweater finished, but I could also shower. Always a bonus.

Yay, creating my first pattern for a lady sweater is done! I'm crossing it off my to-do list at this very moment.


et tu, conair?

Beware the Ides of March!

And apparently, also be aware of curling irons . . .


I love how this is more a statement of fact rather than a call to stop eye-burnings. So if I ever need to know how to burn an eye, I know where to go.



My friends are getting married this weekend (congrats, Vickie and Aidan!), so I thought, hey, wouldn't it be nice to make a sweater to wear to the ceremony. So 2 days ago I decided, yep, that's exactly what I want to do. Planning isn't exactly my strong suit.

After sifting through my stash I found a few balls of Classic Elite Fresco in blue turquoise, which has been waiting for a project such as this. Awesome. So I:

Perused my stitch books--found one for a twisted openwork

Took some quick measurements--what was my gauge again?

Thought about my time frame--figured on a shrug

And bam {insert sound of majestic chorus singing an epiphanic tune of joy and inspiration}! A sweater was born.

Well, it's being born. Still gotta finish a sleeve, sew it up, and knit a collar.

My first lady sweater pattern made under the pressure of a few days. Love it.

p.s. If this thing comes out funky, I'm totally not posting pictures of the finished product.


etsy find (that i ♥) . . . literally

I loved this poster by Roll & Tumble Press so much that I had to buy it for Mr. fuzzbot.

Who knew internal organs could be so damn cool? I just want to eat it; it's so awesome! Ummm, and no, I'm not a zombie . . .


classic movies are a banquet

Last week we found out that Turner Classic Movies has just been added to our basic cable package.

It's so wonderful. And yet, it's so dangerous.


etsy find (that i ♥)

Holy crap I found the most amazing amigurumi creature ever on etsy--the Siamese Cat Twins made by Lazymuse.

Oh, yep, the drooling has begun.

I can't imagine if my evil cat had twice the cunning power. She'd be an evil super power. On the plus side, she doesn't like when things get in her face, so maybe she would attack her twin; and that would really slow her down.

Did I just go to a weird place?


marching in with a free pattern

I'm kicking off my inaugural Pattern o' the Month with an accessory made in the spirit of St. Paddy's Day--The Two Sides of Drunkenness Eye Mask. This comfy double-sided eye mask will help you sleep like a baby after passing out from a day of intoxication. Plus it will nurse you back to reality the next day. When you're in hangover hell, just dampen the mask with cool water (throw it into the fridge for an extra chill boost) and place it over your aching noggin. You'll be as good as new in no time.

Charts are written for "i ♥ beer," "i ♥ wine," and "i ♥ booze" options.

p.s. Don't be a drunkie.

p.p.s. Turns out that the pattern wasn't loading properly in google docs. Poop. I think the problem has now been fixed (knock on wood), but if I am wrong, let me know. Experiencing technical difficulties = crappy