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all the wisdom has been drained from my body

Actually, the wisdom hasn't been drained. It has been cut, yanked, ripped, and extracted out of my head. Yesterday I had the pleasure of having my wisdom teeth pulled--a pleasure I had been avoiding for over 10 years now. And I just want to point out, my avoidance was totally justified.

The oral surgeon assured me . . .

But in reality he turned me into a demented chipmunk.

Mr. fuzzbot had his taken out just the Thursday before, and his cheeks were practically back to normal the next day. Mine however have been gaining mass by the minute. My theory is my hubby's facial hair absorbed some of the impact and provided a soothing mask to aid the healing process.

I'm totally right--this mustache is really helping.


  1. Thanks, Vickie! Insert lopsided, swollen smile here.

  2. You will be okay! Fell better soon :)