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m.i.a. and t & a

Sorry that I have been MIA for the past week (plus). Much of that time was spent being drowsy on pain medication--damn you, wisdom tooth extraction! When I wasn't in a dazed stupor, the rest of my time was divided amongst knitting baby blankets for a commission, working on new pieces for Mother's Day, and stressing out about purchasing a house. Still working on the last two bits.

Anyway, to cheer me up Mr. fuzzbot (the sweet darling he is) bought us a pair of freakishly awesome vintage highball glasses to add to our collection.

On the outside, you see sassy ladies.

And on the inside, you REALLY see sassy ladies.

The one on the left really cracks me up. You'd think she would have worn undies if her skirt was so breezy.

Oh, rationality . . . you wouldn't make a very interesting highball glass.

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