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consider me sheepish

Looky what I got . . .

It's wool, glorious wool!  Romney wool to be exact.  It's beautiful and buttery; pity about it's name though. Anyway, I was lucky to score 2 lbs. of this lovely fleece from my spinning teacher.  She bought the full fleece for a class that she's teaching, and she didn't need it all, so she sold me a portion.  Which is freaking awesome!  I didn't have to invest a lot of money, plus it's a much more manageable size.  It's perfect!  Seriously, where the hell would I store 7 lbs. of wool away from the cat beast?

Anyway, I get to go from raw fleece to knitted piece, and I love it!  I sense some dyeing experiments in the near future.

I also have to point out that my spinning teacher has got some serious connections, because this wool is immaculately clean.  Like, this sheep might have OCD, it's so clean.

Oooh, lanolin feet!