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etsy find that i (and the fuzzy beast) heart

Sorry for being negligent, peeps. It has been a hectic week (+ end) to say the least. Alas, it's the curse of moving your whole life from one place to the next. But now the schlepping is over (thanks, friends o' hubby!), the internet is working, and the hubby and I are in our new--yet very old--house. We finally can start to get life back to normal. Thank Zeus!

So in honor of getting back to normal, I'm going to spend some time blogging about stuff instead of unpacking those pesky boxes that hold everything that is useful and familiar to us. Naturally . . .

Etsy is an amazing place to feed into all my house-on-the-brain obsessing. And my pet obsession. And my vintage-things obsession. And my clever-use-of-materials obsession. Well, I found a shop that combines all those obsessions into one--it's Love Nostalgic Whimsy, which specializes in recycling old awesome things into clever and new awesome things. In particular, I love the Vintage Upcycled Suitcase Pet Bed.

How freaking adorable is that?! LOVE it!

Well, I guess I better get back to the maze of boxes that awaits. And gotta find the cat and tell her about this bed . . .

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