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weekend in review

Well, the show over the weekend didn't get a ton of traffic.


But on the positive side, I met other (incredibly awesome) crafters. Everyone was so nice and funny and helpful. And they offered great advice for things to do in the future.

There's a camaraderie that is formed between vendors, which is hard to describe. Despite being perfect strangers, the shared experience is enough to draw everyone together. For a 6 hour retail battle. I love it. Anyway . . . I can't thank everyone enough for all their help. You people are awesome.

Also, I wanted to say thanks to my buddies who dropped by on Saturday. So, ummm, thanks! It was great seeing you . . . Plus, to all the new people I met--thanks for dropping by to chat! And for buying the fruits of my labor! Why am I always so dramatic? Sigh.

For everyone else who wasn't there to make it, here are some pics of the table:

How much for that handsome man?

Who's that suspicious character with the mustache?

If you see that suspicious character with the mustache, let me know. She's a shifty one.

Now, back to the crafting battlefield. Wait, isn't love a battlefield?


  1. just wanted to add my thanks to those of you who made it to the show and to the other crafters who were very helpful and encouraging (cj, in case you check this blog, your handles are coming soon). the booth looked great (so did the knitter!) and i can't wait to see the sales pile up at the next show.

  2. oh, and one more thing:
    we are young, no one can tell us we're wrong, searching our lives for so loooong, both of us knowing...
    sorry, i just had to get that out.

  3. Well, we are lucky enough to be visiting the crafty lass and her Prince Charming for Thanksgiving. What a talented duo.

  4. You guys did a great job!!! We were very impressed. Also love our knit objects!! I've been wearing the white flower to "represent" :- )