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Hi all,

Welcome! Wow, there's a lot of pressure to be interesting right now. Eek! I've gotta keep telling myself, just ignore the man behind the curtain... But I digress... For the past several months I've been knitting, crocheting, and sewing my heart out; trying to build up an inventory of items to see if I could start a business for myself. To see if I could be the independent woman I've always wanted to be. And for the past several months I've noticed that often times the only people I talk to throughout the day are:

my husband (hi honey!)

our dog (hi fredder butter-butt!)

and our cat (hi my pretty demon-kitty!)

Hmm, and actually, only one of them is a person... But I digress again, knitting all alone in your house can cause somewhat of a bubble. And bubbles are anti-productive. So enter--the blog. Here I hope to share all sorts of news, new projects, and lots of blabber. With actual people!

[Animals are also welcome]


  1. i love it and i can't wait for the next post! (by the way, the dapper gentleman in the foil hat looks like quite the catch)

  2. You know, if you want someone else to talk to in your day, I'm always available for a phone date (or a distracting email conversation!). Miss you--but the blog looks great! And I can't wait for the Etsy shop. --KJ

  3. Oooommmy....I am so excited for you. You will ALWAYS be a success....You already are.
    Love you both, Kyle, great hat!

  4. Very exciting! Congratulations! I love the photos :- ) You've especially captured the spirit of Ethel hahaha. Will try to make it on Saturday!!!!