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my booty (not literally)

Got a chance to go thrifting with Mr. today.  Didn't do too badly . . .

Found a craft bag from the 60s (definitely smells like the 60s); wooden hangers; a neato, silver tri-bowl; bee pants for Mr.; and a wooden box that seems like it will be useful for organization.  The best picks are by far the bag and the tri-bowl--even the lady at the thrift store mumbled something about how she hadn't seen the bag.  Too bad, it's mine, lady!!

Looks like the bag is a small wastepaper basket with some fabric and handles sewn to the top.  This bag has seen better days--looks like it has been smushed for a few years.  Hmm, I wonder how to bend caning back into shape.

And the bowl.  Actually, I should say bowl-bowl-bowl.  What's the fate of this fine vessel, you ask?  Fancy craft room storage, I reply.

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