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2010: the latest new year

Happy New Year! Yeah, I know, it's a little bit late, but what can I say? The days are grains of sand slipping through my hands. Hmm, I think my new year's resolution should be to find some new metaphors.

I'll mull it over.

Anyway, the hubby, the pup, the kitty-beast, and I drove to Florida to visit our families for the holidays, and we had a wonderful time--except for the kitty-beast that is. To be fair, she never has a good time.

But I digress.

Although it sucks that our holiday is over, I am glad that I can finally share pictures of the projects from the past few months.

A sweater for my bro commissioned by my sister-in-law (thanks, April!)

An old school Detroit Red Wings hockey sweater design for my darling (actually, they weren't the Red Wings then--they were the Cougars--but anyway . . .)

And a pair of creature plushes for my youngest niece and nephew

So yeah, I forgot to get pictures of the other things I made, including the poncho made for my mother-in-law which was made from an awesome pattern from the 70s. And the trigger gloves made for my brother-in-law. Not to mention all the other things that haven't been mentioned. Arg. Add another resolution to the list--take some freakin pictures of my projects.

Despite all the crap that obviously needs improvement in 2010 (see above), the new year is looking good. I got a brand new serger (woo hoo, thanks darling!!), which opens up a ton of new possibilities for sewing. Plus there are some other ideas which are in the works--felting, painting, crocheting, and all sorts of other ings. But that is a subject for another day.

In the meantime hope you are having a lovely today.

p.s. Happy Birthday, Alicia!

p.p.s. Hi Dan! We gotta talk about my idea for a restaurant to compete with Mugs and Jugs. I call it Wings and Slings. Did that form an image?


  1. there was also a felted purse and a slew of tote bags to add to the pre-holiday projects list...

    of course none of them were as cool as the hockey sweater, but i might be biased.

  2. WOW great job!!! Those are all awesome!!!!

  3. It's been done, though as I remember the name wasn't quite as "crafty" as yours.Now if I can just get that image out of my head. You could have included me in the first p.s., it was yesterday. 35 again!!


  4. thanks vickie! don't be surprised if you get a couple of plushes for your wedding present. hmm, maybe they'll be wearing sweaters...

    and to dan, i'm sorry to not include you in the birthday wishes. i'm such an arse!! we even talked about how easy it would be for me to remember the date. guess i'm a big, fat liar... well, you've officially been added to the ical so that next year, there's no forgetting. in the meantime, happy 35th (again)!

  5. Don't sweat it. I don't even remember us discussing it.